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"I should have learned to play the guitar"

Selection of covers:
1.Listen to the music
2.Money for nothing
3.Proud Mary
5.Sultans of swing
7.Nothing else matters
8.Jumping Jack Flash
9.Born to be wild

"Never care for what they do,
never care for what they know,
I know"
"Ten million animals are saved by us today,
ten million people growing happy in anyway,
itís a dreamband!"

Selection of our own songs:
1. On fire blues
2. Music is my name
3. Amnesty International
4. Judge Dredd
5. Buck Rogers
6. My friends give me shelter
7. She can do it all
8. People
9. Dreamband
10. My bike and me

"Itís good the way you are,
Donít try to compare yourself with
One or other star
Shine yourself like yourself seem fit!"