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Dandelion would be the name of our band in English. But we translated a Dutch word: “paardebloem”, of which the first part literally means “horse” and the second part “flower”.
Because there’s a lot to say about the words: dandelion, horse and flower.

Dandelion. There can be no Dutch meadow, or there are dandelions in huge numbers. This flower ends its live as a ball of seed. In Holland they believe that, if you can spread this seed with one breath out, you must be in love. Most of the time the wind does and therefore you can find this flower everywhere.
It’s a strong flower, with a long root. Once in your garden, it’s not easy to get rid of it.
You can see these merry, yellow flowers everywhere.

Horse. The qualities of this animal are famous: loyal, hardworking and noble. There are lots of stories and myths about horses, especially black horses.
In our case it’s a symbol of power to go for it, even if it requires a long run.

Flower. The symbol of love and growth. Let the world be in full bloom and blossom; it’s possible, literally as well as in the hearts of people.

Horseflower therefore means in short:
Everywhere we want to lay the seed of freedom and peace in the hearts of people.
In our song “People”:

See the need,
Enjoy the world,
Plant the seed
Of freedom
And of peace
Right here
And overseas!

See yourself, true.
The world needs people, you!

We think that our earth contains enough for everybody. And that it is necessary to stop such childish things as wars in common and specially quarrels about religion or faith. Would there be any God satisfied about so much useless violence? Now it’s time to act like grown ups and to share the primary things and to come together and save our environments from pollution.

Would everybody use his common sense (dandelions are very common), there would grow a noble long-range policy reaching out for a healthy, merry world for all people.