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If Joop can't play the gitar, he doesn't know what to do.
The ultimate fool
(here's the proof)

Event 2009

In Hoorn

Good Practice Day 2009

 Good Practice Day in Hoorn
Jurjen joined our band for a one time special occasion. The Crowd went wild!

Queensday 2002 Pictures

Queensday in Heemskerk.
For a few years now, we fill one of the musical places in Heemskerk. This year was the first time we went as Horseflower. The weather was bad but never the less, the crowd was there and they enjoyed us.

School reception pictures

For receptions we play golden classics, semi classical music and everything in between.
If you want we compose new songs for certain themes.
For cabaret we can give a helping hand with text, ideas an.d performance

Christmas drinks pictures

Christmas drinks at VIATRIS BV

The partycommittee thought it would be nice to have some live music during the christmas reception.
For such occasions Horseflower plays a repertoire with christmas songs and instrumental music.
After about 30 minutes the people asked for music with more beat. No problem, we pulled out our normal sets and the reception turned into a magnificant party.