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“Making music is like blood pouring through your veins,
making music together is like nourishing your soul.”

Why performing?
We want to tell the people something in sound and rhytm. The songs I write contain subjects that touch our souls, in music and lyrics. If the message comes through, there happens to be an interaction, i.e. “good vibrations”.

Why covering?
People need to recognize. First there has to grow contact.

But some covers are meant to honour, for instance Crossroads and Sultans of Swing.

I did like to hear guitarmusic all my live, but I remember the first time a friend put on a record of Eric Clapton, together with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker in The Cream, and I wanted to play the guitar like that.

Sultans of Swing?
Mark Knopfler. As a guitarplayer, songwriter and bandleader a great example to me. I can hear his music every day and every moment.

The band?
When I tell you:”My very best friend”, well , that’s an understatement. We’re just one. You can see and hear for yourself when we perform.

Dirk Friendship?
Joop and I go back many years. Such good friends know each other. People who play music together as long as us don't need signs. We just know what en when the other plays en we immidiatly go a long with him.

Musical Preference?
It rarely occurs that one of us does not like to play a certain song.
The feeling we have for certain songs can differ, but we play all our songs with great passion and it shows that we enjoy plaing it.

The Stones?
I'm not one of the biggest fans, but this band has a special place in our sets and in my heart.

Our own songs?
As Joop reffered, there always is a certain message in our songs. You don't HAVE to look for it. Our first goal is to entertain the people whit this great variety of quality songs.
If the message is passed over we achieved all our goals.

Bo We really like to work with other artists.

Boudewijn Renkema came to join us.
He plays the guitar, base, congas and bongos.

With his intuition for detail and rythm he boosts our songs even further.
Working together grew our music and our friendship

Jurjen For a special occasion we got the help of Jurjen Bruin, he is a drummer for ...

The public went wild!!