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We also like to cooperate in manifestations for the benefit of people that cannot defend themselves.
We took part in some actions of Amnesty International and one of our songs was written for such an action and is called: Amnesty International.
We like to work together with persons who organize this sort of manifestations and we have participated in all kinds of role-games or theatre-plays. In fact we have been acting as storywriters and stage-managers several times.

We also took part in a manifestation against nuclear experiments of the French government in the Pacific Ocean.

We are always prepared and willing to share our skills with others in the fields of music or theatre. So we taught lots of persons to play the guitar and crowned a series of lessons with an appearance in our band.  

We are also able to play very softly and to perform classical-like music to grace a reception.
And we write music and lyrics for a specific goal, like when we made an appearance on behalf of a manifestation for a new school, while the old one had been burned down.

Our Christmas-carols are famous among our friends. Especially one we wrote ourselves, called: Christmas, a child is born.

So, when you have a special purpose, you can always ask us to think it over!